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Farm Blog Archives: Reactions

Feb. 15, 2009

It's funny what happens when you walk into a store with four whiney children and ask to see their chainsaws.
Some laugh.
Some look at you sideways and try to explain the differences between the different saws while the children mime scenes from the Texas Chainsaw masacre in the background.
The reactions when you walk into the store minus the children are just as interesting.
Most salesmen assume it's for my husband and try to sell me something he would like. Others look a little dumbfounded when I explain that it's for me. I like to confuse them further by saying ridiculolus things like, "Can I paint it pink? I think it might be easier to cut with for me if it were pink. A little less threatening than the black with the killer saw motif. Where I can I get a pink one? Or maybe lilac with cute little flowers. What? You think I should hire someone to do all my cutting? Why? Just because I'm terrified of power tools doesn't mean I can't use them!"
Yep, it's been different.
I have to actually make a purchase tomorrow. I've been waiting for the lawn and garden center to open up because it has been recommended that I get a 14 inch Stihl. They are supposedly the lightest and easiest to maintain. That is definitly what I'm looking for. Not that I can't figure out how to put the chain thingy back on...or where to put the oil and such. It's just that I'm all for "ease of use". Once I finally have the stoopid chainsaw the yard will look MUCH better.
I got most of the fence pulled down today. Got another closet cleaned out and ready for shelf paper. Figured out where I'm going to put the chickens.(that part is super fun!) Discovered that I'm pretty sure there is enough scrap wood and tin to repair the barn to usability. That means that my wicked cool Austrailian Merino sheep will have a home soon.
Things are slowly coming along. I have most of my supplies ordered and they should arrive before next month, which is cool. I found a stove and fridge I think I'm going to get. I still want to go off the deep end and get the fridge on top model, but I can't find one used and I really don't think it's important enough to waste the money on.:) But I want to. 
Hmmmmm, what else? Nothing that I can think of tonight. Oh, it's crazy.....if you turn off all of the lines the electrician ran that are new then all of the old ones work. Somehow I'm thinking that's not right....I'm going to find someone to come out and check it out.
So, I'm off tomorrow to buy a pink and purple flowery chainsaw. It should be fun.:)

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