Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alley Cat Saturday

A Downtown Scene

I had a wonderful time yesterday. The weather was PERFECT and Susan and I sat outside and loved every second of it. David came out and played for us. It was awesome. 

I could spend every day sitting on the street with my spinning wheel keeping time to live music.:o)
If I have my way you'll be able to find this every weekend at the Alley Cat.
Not that I'll get my way, but I can hope....right?



Mary said...

Hey girl I saw yall out there! Me and mom were driving around trying to find the farmer's market and when we drove by I saw yall out there (which is great cause I wasn't sure where you were I can bring the kids one Sat)..we would have stopped but I didn't have my motorcart and I wouldn't last but a minute on foot with this bad back of mine.

Restless Prairie Farm said...

Cool!:o) Did you find the Farmer's Market? I don't think they're open yet. They're a street over I think. I haven't been since last

Mary said...

we did after about 5 wrong turns! lol
I figured they were not open but I was thinking maybe they had a sign saying when they would be (no such luck).
I have never been to it...does it get pretty big?

Restless Prairie Farm said...

It does, but it's usually pretty much the same thing. The thing to watch about our farmer's market is to make sure that you're buying from the locals. I know that when we went last year that there were some that had their produce trucked from Arkansas and Oklahoma. Still close, and still better than the store, but I wanted to support our local folks so I tried to buy from a local farm like the Moraths.

Speaking of, they are doing a CSA this year. Julie has the info in the shop. I think there's another CSA that delivers to Wichita Falls at Breathe Yoga Studio.

Oh, and the Market should be open soon...depending on when the strawberries are ready.

Mary said...

I will have to stop in and get the info!

Little House On The Mesa said...

That sure does look like a great time to me too. Spinning and live music! It doesn't get any better than that, haha. It looks like we have the same exact wheel too.

Restless Prairie Farm said...

Which wheel do you have, and have you tried any others?

I loved my Kiwi forever, still do, but I'm diggin' the traditional. I can't wait to actually get this country spinner up and running to test it out.

I just wish I could find a cheap wool source so I could make rugs.:o)