Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hay Delivery

Tyler and Ronan waiting to unload the hay.

Kissy does the Driving.

Tyler has way too much fun tossing bales off.

Ronan has to work pretty hard to get his to tumble...

Once they do finally fall, the satisfaction is obvious.

I'm grateful for Hooligan boys who will stack my hay.:o)

Then they load up with Daddy to visit the Frogs.

Because the dinner plate sized Papa Frog is not to be missed.


Mary said...

awww Ronan got a haircut didn't he! so far ky still has his growing out just wish it would grow a bit longer instead of growing on top making his head look even bigger! haha

Restless Prairie Farm said...

Yeah, Scott was NOT happy. He misses his beach bum.:o)

But the poor kid has superfine hair like me and every time his head touched anything it would make teeny tiny dreads. It was awful to try and comb.

So I took pity on him and cut it.

Mary said...

i will probably cave the first day it hits 100! lol