Thursday, March 17, 2011

All Soap is NOT Created Equal

First Batch of Goat's Milk Soap

Wow, have I learned a lot about soap!!!

I started looking for recipes and learning about soapmaking a few weeks ago. In that time I have read thousands of recipes, discovered the differences in oils, and uncovered the fact that I need to add soap to my list of things I question.
Actually, I've always questioned my soap. I've always looked for and bought handcrafted soaps. I used to make my own melt and pour glycerin until I gave up. 

Why did I give it up?
Because I hate glycerin soap. :o)
I figured that using a soap I hated just because I made it wasn't what I was going for.

I've been buying a soap from the health food store and I assumed it was a great handcrafted product.
And it might be.
But how do I know?

There is no ingredient list.
I didn't look up their philosophy until I sat down to write this post.

As I've looked at recipes on sites that I used to think had great soap I became disappointed.

A goat milk soap that is made with lard and two tablespoons of powdered goat's milk?!! 

Not that I have anything against the lard on the one just wasn't what I was expecting.
But powdered goat's milk?
And just a couple of tablespoons?
 How can you call that goat's milk soap?

My soap making research has been very informative. I will never buy soap again without know exactly what's in it and why.

Not that I'll ever have to BUY soap again.
I am armed with the knowledge.
I am armed with the equipment.
I am armed with the Goats.

Heh, that's a statement you don't hear every day.
Armed with Goats.

I am happy that the soap that my children will use from now on is made in our home...
with raw milk from our goats....
 the finest oils I can find....
And as much of their Mama's Love as I can fit into each bar.


Tina said...

Will you be selling it? Or giving out the recipe and maybe selling the milk? Interested!

Restless Prairie Farm said...

I'm going to do all three Tina.:o) I'll have it for sale as soon as it cures. In about 3 weeks or so. It could take as much as 6 weeks but I don't think it will.

umbrellalady said...

Next to making bread, I love making soap! I have been making soap for about 15 years - I used to make it and sell it when my kids were little to supplement our income. It is amazing the garbage some commercial and supposedly handmade soaps have in them. I love how I use only pure essential oils and as natural ingredients as possible - it always makes such wonderful soap!!!

Restless Prairie Farm said...

I was really surprised at the junk that is in a lot of them. Learning about them made me think of the old X-Files motto, "Trust No One." lol It's sad, really, how much I have to question and question and question to find healthy options for my family.