Friday, March 18, 2011

Critter Addition!!!


Scott got me a dog. :o)
He's a great husband.....I love dogs. 
I especially love sweet, smart, funny, calm lab puppies.

Okay, so the calm part will come later. ;o)

Conner is an AMAZING puppy though. He's almost 4 months old and he learns so very fast.
It took less than a minute to learn that digging for frogs.....
works better than swimming for them.

I've missed having a dog around.
I like having someone to walk with who doesn't ask me to carry them.
Someone who doesn't need a drink of water before we go a hundred yards. 
Someone who doesn't have to go potty as soon as we're too far from the house to make it back in time.

I love this dog.
I just hope he doesn't eat my chickens.


eidolons said...

I've been warned that labs never calm down. Our lab mutt is.. about four or five years old. He's still all craziness. (:

Restless Prairie Farm said...

You just have to put them to Soon you ask them to come on and they look at you like, "Really? Again? Do we HAVE to?"

Or maybe I've just always had lazy labs....Or overactive children.

That puppy has already walked three miles today and it's only 10am. Poor little guy. He's sacked out under the porch.

umbrellalady said...

What a great dog! I love all that puppy energy they have.