Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Real Food

Raw Milk from our Goats and Eggs from our Chickens

I can't begin to describe how wonderful it feels to feed my family and not have to worry about it. It is such a FREE feeling.:o)

I love watching my chickens search for food. Hunting up insects and bits. I also like watching them run to me when I hollar "Chick, chick, chick......Here chick, chick, chick." They know that when I'm yelling there will be fresh grain scattered on the ground for them. 
I love watching my children gather the eggs. 
I love watching them wash them and put them away.
I love the care that they are showing for these amazing creatures who feed us.

The goats all come running when I step outside too. The know that there is a hand to scratch behind the ears, even if the hand holds no food.:o) Kiska walks with them all around the pasture as they browse for the next tasty nibble.
I love that my children help me mix their feed.
I love that the children enjoy watching me milk.
I love that my older two can already hand milk our goats just like
makes me feel connected to the generations before me who might send the older child out to collect the milk for the day.
I love that we know EXACTLY where our milk comes from.

Fresh Milled Organic Flour Soaking for Tomorrow's Bread

I've been reading about soaking grains for several months now. I just hadn't managed to incorporate it into our day. I don't know why, because now that I've started I see how simple it is.

I just measure out the flour I need, add the water, add the acid, place a lid on it and let it sit until I'm ready the next day.
I decide what I want to bake the next day......
Grind up the amount of flour I need....
Place the appropriate amounts of flour into each container.....
And then the next day I just crack it open, give it a stir, add my final ingredients and finish out the recipe.
Voila! Bread, muffins, pancakes, and just about anything else I can dream up.
This made the whole pancake process a THOUSAND times easier. I don't know why I hate to make pancakes in the morning, but I do. With this process I could see myself serving pancakes often with NO problem.
I just toss a few eggs, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in and we are cookin' pancakes a few moments later.
Maybe it's because we don't have to clean up the inevitable flour mess......?
Oh well, it really doesn't matter.:o)
Everyone but Ronan liked the pancakes. I'm going to try using Lemon juice as my acid instead of vinegar and see how that goes.

I've also made the move to Real Salt, and we're LOVIN' IT! 
It has an almost sweet taste to it. Yum.

Soaking Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a Ronan favorite. I'm hoping that he'll like the soaked oats too. But even if he doesn't like them soaked I'm okay with this meal. It packs a punch.
It contains Organic Whole Oats, Raw Butter, Raw Milk, Real Salt, Organic Maple Syrup, and Fresh Grated Organic Cinnamon.
He's happy, and I'm happy.

This Sweet Little Guy is one of the Reasons that Real Food is so important.


umbrellalady said...

Real food is so worth the effort - it just tastes better - both physically and mentally!

What a great smile on that cute little guy of yours!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Oh how wonderful. We are buying some goats this spring to add to our homegrown veggies and eggs and too.
Thanks for sharing about soaking grains, it has been on my mind for some time.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Mary said...

are you selling eggs yet? i am interested in at least a dozen when you are ready!

Restless Prairie Farm said...

Not yet Mary. I'm working with my neighbors to get something going this summer. Right now we only have 5 layers. The chicks that are on the way will start laying just in time to stop laying for the

But I have lots of neighbors with chickens, so I'm hoping soon.:o)

Mary said...

ok just checking...would rather buy from someone I know!