Saturday, April 23, 2011

Farm Blog Archives: How to Break an Arm

Feb. 8, 2009

First, own a skateboard.

Next, recieve a really really cool ramp and rail set. Have an adult decide that you should only use it on the porch instead of in the street.

Then you need to be a 10 year old boy.

After that all you have to do is add in three little girls to show off for.

This recipe is almost 100% guaranteed to result in a broken bone. To make the outcome more likely, you should not use the skateboard for at least 7 months before you attempt this.

Oh, and don't forget to do it while your mother is gone. That way you're stuck with the unsypathetic one who tells you that you're fine, shake it off. This will help to make the break worse. If you have a really really unsympathetic person in charge of you, you might even be able to pull a surgery out of it.:)

Lucky for me, my birthday luck seems to be holding and all it's going to take is a cast after the swelling goes down.

Tyler is so thrilled. He thinks he's going to get a camo cast. What a goon. I'll post pictures once I get them.:)

Oh, and I decapitated a spiderman pinata today. That was cool.

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