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Farm Blog Archives: How my Birthday is Always....

Feb. 8, 2009

wierd? off? different? strange? wacky? unpredictable?

Hmmmmm.......oh...I know, CURSED! Yep, that's the word I was looking for!

Okay, here's the thing. For probably the last 6 years or so, something (fill in the blank) has happened on my birthday.

I always either have an arguement, have my husband gone, have something outlandish happen (like the food being awful and getting everyone sick), catch the cake on fire, or get into a car wreck on the way to the celebration. 
 I no longer celebrate my birthday. I just kind of note that it's here. The kiddos and I share a cake, and we move on. I don't experience the "oh yay! It's my birthday!" that I once did.

Here is what happened for my 31st birthday. I should probably try to remember the exact events for my other ones. I think that I might get a kick out of it as the years go on.

I woke up early this morning so that I could get in line to be searched to get in line to wait, to get in line to wait, to sit and wait. In the hopes that it would only take 3 hours and not four to get in and start my visit. The theory was that I would get in and be able to start the visit by 10 so that I could be done with it by 2 and home by 7. This was important because I had told Ronan that I would be home before he went to sleep on Sunday.

The gates don't open until 8, but the line starts forming up at about 7.'m really trying to leave early because I have to stop and get gas. The day before while I was waiting in line I noticed I was on empty...and started hoping I wouldnt' run out while I was in line. That would have sucked. When I left my visit I had planned to stop at the gas station in the little town where I stay. However, it was really busy. Since it's only about a half mile away from the house I decided to just hit it up in the morning. ( I mean, even if I ran out of gas, it's within walking distance...ya know?)

I manage to wind up leaving 20 minutes after I had intended on leaving. (and here I always thought it was the kiddos who made me late...go figure.) I get to the gas station, and pull in. As I'm getting out to pump my gas, I notice that there are no lights on. No way to pay at the pump. Nothing. There is also no other gas station in town.

 I call the house and ask where the nearest gas station is. Oh, not far. Just seventeen miles! Crikey! Okay, come on truck, we can make it! 3 miles later, the truck says, "screw you lady." and dies.

So I call the house back, and the nice man comes and puts some gas in my truck. I drive the fourteen miles and fill up my tank. Then head back to visit. It is now 8:30.

This is when I get my first birthday present.:)

The line isn't that long, they get me through, get me searched, get me in, and get it started .....get 9:55!

Sweet! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to Wendi! Happy Birthday to me!

Okay, now my weekend is over and I need to head home. The drive wasn't bad. Did a lot of thinking and planning. Kinda nice really, to have my mind to myself for a while. :) I come into Oklahoma, go through the toll and I look at the McDonald's there and think that I should get something to eat. Decide that, "nah...I'll just have an Amy's when i get home. Oh, but I guess I could go to Sonic and get a slush because I need to fill up the tank for mom." I'm driving past Mickey D's and the Phillips 66 as I think this. Then I look down at the gas gauge.

It's on Empty.

Because you know, Why not?

So I go through the whole, "Come on truck, you can do it!" thing again. And once again, it starts to tell me to piss off. But it can't seem to make up it's mind. "eh, I guess I'll get you to a gas, I say NO for you!......well, maybe if you talk nice......wait a minute...aren't you the one who did this to me this morning? Feed me lady!" As it's doing this, I notice flashing lights up ahead.

This is where I get my second birthday present.

The truck dies, but I was going almost 90mph, so it continues to coast. And it coasts, and coasts, and coasts....and then it comes to a stop.
10 feet behind a tow truck. :)

So I get out and explain myself to the very confused looking group who were watching their car go up on the truck, before I so rudely interrupted. They laugh, of course. How could you not?
I'm pretty sure that I am one of a very very select group of people who can manage to run out of gas......twice....on their birthday. Then have it arranged so perfectly that I the second time, it happens ten feet behind a tow truck.
The mechanic backed up and hooked me up to the truck too. Took me to a gas station where he (at no charge) did a quick demonstration of how to utilize those wierd looking things they have at the place where I get my candy and Mountain Dew.
He also didn't charge me for the tow. Since it was my birthday and he was "going that way anyways".

Maybe the curse has lifted?.....We'll have to wait and see what happens next year. But it looks promising!

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