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Farm Blog Archives: Heads Carolina, Tails California

Feb. 8, 2009

This is totally random, just some thoughts from the drive.
I know that Tim remembers the Heads Carolina thing. I was thinking the other day as I headed out with my mandatory one backpack that I packed in about ten minutes.....that I could still do that. I've always enjoyed it. I do like that I've settled down, I like that I'm about to have a "forever home"(you know, like a stray, I'm thrilled that I have such an amazing family.

I just also like the fact that I could pack us all up in about 15 minutes and hit the road to anywhere.:)

I may not drive to Cincinatti anymore just for Skyline. But I'm still a Gypsy, just a Gypsy Mama. Same feel, different ways.

Those were some interesting days though. Oh, hey....Tim....Was that you and Z who wound up stranded in the Keys? or Z and Mullholland? i was thinking about that too, but couldn't remember who the players were.

Remember Togiola's daughter and the tummy ache? I know that Gerald would probably not even remember who I am, but I will never forget the several trips we made making the winnabago face everytime we passed one.....and sometimes when we didn't.:) Oh man, and the runs to a wet county for beer. It still fascinates me that there are places like that.

I still find ways to be goofy. Now though it's usually not possible for outsiders to tell that I'm all that strange.

There is little hysterical laughter, okay, so there's still hysterical laughter....just for different reasons. I don't stumble out of cars in my pj's and big fluffy slippers. Oh, wait...yep....I still do that. Only now I have four little ones in pj's and fluffy slippers following me to the bathroom. While everyone else on the road is beautifully dressed with their hair perfectly fixed we're the ones wiping drool off of our faces and walking on all the parking blocks.

Hmmmmmm, maybe they still find me strange. And probably incompetent.

But that's okay. Because we're also the ones likely to be sitting in the sand to watch the sun rise at our destination. The ones who are all gathered around to see the little teeny fishes. The ones who are really looking at the turtles. We find the cool leaves, the broken bottle, the old key chain, the magic shell, the fountain of youth....oh wait...wasn't supposed to let that secret out.

I guess my point is that I enjoyed those formative years. I was thinking that missed those days. Then I realized that I still have them.

It's still ice cream, just a different flavor.:)

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