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Farm Blog Archives: Build it up, Tear it Down

Feb. 5, 2009

I was noticing today how much my life is like a child's afternoon of block play. My children always lay a sarong or silk down, to aid in cleaning up later. Then they dump the blocks out, no half measures here...nope, they go all in. Sure, they could just take out the ones they want to use. Or they could even organize everything into different sets and sizes, to better facilitate their designs. But they choose to dive in with the assumption that they can make sense of it all.
And they do. The make sense of it all. It becomes a beautiful village surrounded by trees. A castle complete with damsel. A forest and river that has gnomes crossing in little wooden boats to find the best mushroom for a new house. They make sense of it, they change it, they laugh, they argue, they tease, they build, they destroy. Then they clean it all up with their handy dandy basesheet, and do it again the next time. And even though it will be the same, it will be completely different.
I do that. With my life I mean. Even now I do it with the house. I build our home, then I get bored and have to change it. If I don't have something going on with it constantly then I can't stand to clean it. If I'm not working on something new then I can barely stand to breathe.
How can people manage to do the same thing day in and day out? I understand it must be done. I do it too, I mean....that's what dishes and laundry and such are....repetitive....neverending. But how do you just lose yourself in the sameness of your days?
I am very frustrating to my mother. Things just got calmed down a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm getting ready to change it up. And you know what? It's awesome! I feel alive when I think about it. I can feel the adrenal glands kicking in at the prospect of a new frontier.
Can I do it? I have no idea. Living with minimal water, minimal electricity, reclaiming a place I've loved and been a part of since I was born, and doing it all with four children......freaks me out.....but that's the excitement. I know that it will be hard work. (Let's not forget that I am the woman who can pack up and move 6000 pounds worth of household goods in 3 days....I do understand work. Although I tried to pick up one of the boxes that is still packed up the other day and couldn't understand how on earth I had moved 80 of them that were just as heavy. And that was just the books!)
I can't wait to take apart barns and sheds that don't work anymore and turn them into usable buildings. I'm excited about the thought of reclaiming the yard and researching different low water, edible landscapes. What can I do to make the Farm more magical than it already is? Make it so that it will speak to my children in the same way it does to me? How will I make it work?
The puzzles and problems are so invigorating. Even though I use the methods every day in everything I do, it is awesome when I get to apply it to a new task.
I had planned on doing the Polar Bear swim in Medicine Park on Saturday, but I'll be out of town. I'm okay with that though, first because they are totally getting off's supposed to be 70 degrees on saturday, how is that polar bear swim? shouldn't it be called off on account of good weather?.....and second, because I'm taking a new plunge of my own.
Breathe deep. Walk slowly. Find your center.........then create something. That seems to be my theme lately. And that's very appropiate for this time of year.:) Brigid is doing her

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