Saturday, April 23, 2011

Farm Blog Archives: Things I've learned.

Feb. 17, 2009

1. A 300 hundred pound desk doesn't care if you sweet talk it, or cuss it. It will refuse to get lighter.

2. 50 head of cattle can get a look in their eye that makes you think they might have chosen today to begin their uprising against humankind.

3. It takes a 112 pound woman 37 minutes to move a 300 pound desk 15 feet.

4. It takes the same woman 20 minutes to carefully try to empty her last vacuum cleaner bag to reuse even though they aren't reuseable.

5. A vacuum cleaner bag will rip just before you finish emptying it.

6. Snakes like the top of the closet.

7. Snakeskin doesn't have to have a snake in it to be scary.
8. 13 years worth of dust will not come clean in one day.:)

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