Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The last two days......

The Turkey

Our camera has gone missing.....I'm sure it will turn up in the strangest place imaginable. That's what happens when Kiska gets a hold of it. It will also have interesting pictures on it. 

This means that I have no pictures of my last few days. Which is sad, because they've been busy and wonderful.:o)
Scott built me a milkstand today. It works great! He's amazing. I'm already benefiting from not having to chase Sweet Baby around. (Not that I ever really had to, she's a very good goat.)

We visited River Ridge Alpacas yesterday evening and met some great folks with some lovely animals. I walked away with a bag of fiber, a new friendship, and a new way to bring local fiber to the Collective. 
He loves this sweater.
I'll spend most of next week with the dye pots. I have so much delicious fiber running through my fingers that I don't know how to describe my delight.

Perhaps because its....ummmm.....indescribable? ;o)
I also placed my first order with Ashford. 
I'm expecting those awesome spinning wheels to arrive next Wednesday.

This means that I will have a few different options for everyone to try out on Saturdays. 

Everything should be in order for the 26th Grand Opening at the Alley Cat.
Tomorrow I'll be figuring out my fencing costs and working out the milking buildings.

I can't believe that this is my life! 

All I need now is some chickens......
(That's a hint, honey, a great big hint.)

Here we go!

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