Friday, February 18, 2011

Creative Friday, Auri's Vest Finished!

It's Done!!

I had Auri's Sweater almost finished last Saturday and I had expected for knit up the last two inches at the Alley Cat. But I wound up getting to talk to so many wonderful folks and such that I never actually managed to knit. Then I left my basket there, expecting to pick it up the next day.....which became a week.:o)

Last night I pulled it out and finished it up. She hasn't seen it yet, I can't wait until she does! 
I think she's going to love it.

Woolie Love to you All!!

(Even though it was 85 degrees today)


Elisa said...

It's very pretty! Is that the milo?

nocton4 said...

gorgeous, love the colour, what yarn did you use ?
happy weekend xx

Restless Prairie Farm said...

Thank you.:o) It's Georgie Hallam's Eden's Adam pattern. The main difference between this one and the Milo is that the shoulder straps are thinner and there is a graduation under the arms. I feel like it fits my narrow shouldered children better. With the milo the shoulder straps were always falling off. (Not that it isn't a great pattern, it just didn't fit MY children very well.)

Elisa said...

Thanks! I wish I hadn't already bought the milo..or maybe I can modify kids have narrow shoulders as well.

umbrellalady said...

What a lovely vest! I just love the colours. I am sure you little one will love it.

Restless Prairie Farm said...

I hand dyed a fisherman's wool. I've found it to be a super cheap wool to play with and it knits up nicely. I usually only use it for myself though, or dyeing classes.

Elisa, I tried to modify the Rainbow Dress pattern and it didn't work out very I bought that one back when it was the only one she had, I think. But I also didn't understand patterns very well when I tried it. Now I have a better grasp of them...maybe.:o)