Monday, February 21, 2011

Alley Cat Saturday

Paper Weaving

Saturday I was hanging out downtown with the Alley Cat Mama's and the Alley Kittens. (Okay, so that's not official or anything. But to my tired brain it feels very clever right I'm going with it.....mwahahahaha)

When I planned on doing the paper weaving project I wasn't thinking that the main age of the children at the 10am craft is 3 and so it went a bit over their heads. They seemed to have fun coloring and playing with the awesome play food and kitchen though so it was cool. 
I solemnly swear to bring only those crafts that Kiska would enjoy.:o)

I enjoyed talking with the mama's and working with the older kids who came to craft. They did some lovely work with weaving and cutting. I liked watching them go from nervous to choose their projects to focused as they worked. They were good kids.
These top two pictures are their projects. I love how the top one used tiny cuts and strips. So neat! And something I wouldn't have thought of doing.
This bottom one had some cool color choices.

Great job Girls!
I hope you come again, I think you guys and Auri will get along famously.:o)
Paper Weaving, Cutouts, and Layering

After crafting I held my first Intro to Fiber Arts class at the Alley Cat. It was pretty similar to the enrichment class only this time I was giving too much information to adults instead of children. ;o)

One of the ways I like to do things is give a broad overview and then come back to each item in depth. It worked great with the kids, but I might adjust my tactics with adults. I think we might need a more logical sequence where the kids just jump in.

Fear not, ladies, next time I'll bring a vocabulary sheet.
The next class will be a hands on and in depth class of picking and carding. I'm happy to be adding a drum carder to the demonstration. 

New Toys!!!  

I'm like a 3 year old at Christmas or a grown man with a hot rod.
The cool old juke box thingys
That's extremely technical terminology there...
Can ya dig it?
After classes and the mandatory run through the thrift and antique shops downtown we headed out to get some grub. I was starving. 

You know all those "starving artist" comments you hear? 
It isn't because there's no food, it's because we forget to eat.
And now you know.

This diner isn't downtown, but it's where Scott and I had our first date so it's special. 

Tomorrow I'll have a lot to report about my new Nigerian Dwarf purchases, fence building, wool, and so on.
I love all the stainless steel!

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