Monday, September 13, 2010

My Handwork Class

Class Supplies

It took more than one basket to take all the yummies to my Intro to Fiber Arts class today. I wanted to give the children an overview of different types and classes of fiber. 

So I took a little bit of everything.

The Hidden Treasures

Superfine Merino

Superfine Merino with Bamboo

We did a lot of compare and feeling of different grades and types of fiber. Cotton, Alpaca, 8 different wools in several different grades. Went over micron counts and prickle factors. Looked at raw wool vs. processed wool and compared all of those to the acrylic I took in too. It sounds very complex, but I think they got a pretty good idea of the topics.

Two Ply Handspun.

I showed lots of different plys and the how's and why's of plying. Talked about balanced yarns and how it affected the final product. Which led us into different types of drop spindles.

My limited examples of drop spindles.

Then we moved into our project for today. Which was picking our wool apart to card next week. We went over how clumpy it is when you start and how it looks when you finish. The how's and why's of picking were discussed.

The Starting Point.

Then I made the one boy in my class VERY happy as I brought out the "Box of DEATH". Which is the only way I can think of my picker. I love it because it's safer than any of the other's I've seen. It was also much less expensive.

The Box of Death.

Each child had a turn with their wool. Then they labeled their bags and I did a teaser demo with the drop spindles that they will be working with next week. They all seemed really excited. I hope it's as fun. They're a great group of kids.
Ready for carding and spinning.

The comedian's wool.
                                                  There's always at least one.:o)

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