Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waldorf Supply Shelves

This is where everything begins.

I decided to post this because I had a really rough time finding some helpful examples. If any of you know of some please let me know. 
I'm not a great organizer. But I have finally figured out how to get things workable for us. And in a way that I could afford. Because I've seen some very very lovely handwork room organization possibilities that would be awesome, if I had a few thousand dollars to spend on it.:o)

I don't have the baskets relabeled yet. I'm hoping for that tonight or tomorrow. 

So I'll tell you what everything is.

On the top of the shelf I have our super handy globe, a small basket of cube spacers for our paint boards, a box of paints, a basket of stamps, and a basket that holds drop spindles, Niddy Noddies, extra spools, and warping supplies.

Next comes paintboxes to the left, paintbrushes and knitting needles to the right, and beeswax in the middle.

The next shelf holds pencils and pencil boxes to the left, beeswax crayons in the middle, and misc on the the right. We also have our flutes hanging out there for the moment. I think we're going to knit hanging flute cases as one of our first projects. It's so hard to keep them out of the littles' hands. 

The rainbow circle is a star lantern waiting to be born.:o)

On the bottom we have our daily work boxes. They're not beautiful but it was only 14 dollars for the whole lot of them. I'm working on finding some white ones that we can paint.

Hanging on the wall to the right are our handwork bags. The blue box below them holds our hard nature table items and some felt pieces.

To the right is my picker and handwork basket. 

They will be taking a trip tomorrow to my very first handwork class.

I'm very excited and I hope to take lovely pictures and tell you all about my successes and failures tomorrow.:o)

Our next explosion in the making?
I'll let you know THAT tomorrow too.:o)

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showard said...

i love the way you make us (your family ) feel by filling our home with beautiful hand made things. your one of a kind Wendi.
love you