Sunday, November 28, 2010

After Thanksgiving snippets

Auriana is an expert with the niddy noddy.
I'm glad, because I always have to look up the instructions.;o)

Ronan's vest is finished.
He said, "It keeps my heart warm!"
 That comment made MY heart warm. 

Here is our sweet, precious, darling.....

 Where did she get this sense of style? 
And the fuzzy polyester hat?
It's like these hats reproduce in the tub and crawl into their closets at night.

I hope to have advent pictures tomorrow and a lazure tutorial coming up!

(Assuming I can find the batteries that I hid from a certain 12 year old battery snatcher I know.)



Tan Family said...

Kids always pick up how to niddy noddy faster than adults! Wonderful pics. :)

Daniel Pewewardy said...

Hey your stuff is really amazing and well made, are you using to sell your work? This is your cousin Sally and Kathy's son Daniel at Granny's house.

Wendi said...

Thanks Daniel! Gran is always bragging about

I have an etsy shop, but so far I haven't been able to keep up with the needs of the brick and mortar and my christmas needs.:o) I'm hoping that things will slow down enough after Christmas to be able to stock it properly.