Monday, November 22, 2010

Angels, WIP, and Beeswax

Angel at the Alley Cat

Today was a good day. 
My handwork class had their showcase today and it was a lot of fun. We set up all of the fun things we played with during the last couple of months and they got to show off a wee bit. They were an awesome bunch of kids and I'm looking forward to next season if I can swing our schedule. Now, ask me if I got pictures....
"Wendi, did you get pictures of the totally fun and awesome morning? Did you capture any of your students work on film? Any of them working?"

Nope. Not a one. :o)
I kept meaning to, but we were always so busy. And then it was over and they were all gone with their projects. Maybe next time.

Then I ran downtown to the Alley Cat Collective to get a picture of the angel and harass Julie for a minute. This allowed me to meet some more great people. I'm tellin' ya, it's better than a coffee 

Which, by the way, we absolutely need. Or maybe a tea shop? Not that I have time for either usually, it just sounds fun.
Ronan's WIP Vest

This is the second time I've knit this vest. I'm learning how to adapt a pattern and it's going okay, but I'm seeing all of my screw ups and it's driving me crazy. I know that Ronan won't care though so I'm just going to keep on with it. Once I finish this vest though I'm going to purchase the pattern that I was trying to figure out and see what all I did wrong. It's been a very enlightening exercise though. I'm learning a lot about pattern making and that was really my goal. So I have once again succeeded in my failure.:o) 

Got to keep that positive outlook.
I was also lucky enough to score a few pounds of local beeswax. Hmmmmm, I wonder what all I can come up with? I know that these are absolutely in the line up.
This weeks "Free Bee". Get it? Free Bee? Freebie. ;o)
All credit for the bad joke goes to Scott. If that made you groan, you may lay the blame directly at his feet.:o)

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showard said...

I was proud of my free bee joke