Friday, September 10, 2010

School's In Session

Interrupted by Mom.

We've spent the last couple of weeks working on reviews and  the beginnings of new projects. We warmed up the first day with super easy math reviews and reminders. We started our rhythm of 'Math Mornings' and it's been a huge success!

One of the things we've struggled with in the past was our math practice. I had it scheduled at the end of the morning and it was the WRONG place for it. We were more concerned with what we were having for lunch than we were with building our skills.:o)

Now we jump into math right after breakfast. Not only is this keeping us focused, it also ensures that we actually get it done. Another thing we've had trouble with in the past. 
That's something that I didn't realize when I started homeschooling. How very fast the week would get away from me. It seems like I plan things on Sunday and then all of a sudden it's Thursday and we've not completed as much as I'd hoped.

That was something I really evaluated before we began this year. Was I planning too much? Too little? What exactly was the problem? My rhythm? My expectations? Behavior? What did I need to adjust?
I think so far that my evaluations we on target. Although I will always observe and adjust throughout the year I'm excited that I might finally know what I'm doing.

Or it might just be that I finally have a supportive environment to do the things that I want the children to do. That is something that has often been missing from my life and I have to say that having it is a truly wonderful thing.

Auri creating a math story for the littles.

Auriana has been creating math stories for the children. I hope that it isn't too awakening for them. Not that I've done a great job of guarding their 'sleep'. But it's something that I'm aware of now, so I see it a lot. 

I wish that I had understood how important reading Steiner is back when I first fell in love with Waldorf Education. I don't know if it would have made a difference, but I might have had more conviction about my choices if I had learned some of the things I'm learning now.
 I know I will be amazed if I ever get to attend actual teacher training one day. I can only imagine how wonderful having like minds and a nurturing environment would be.  

Then again, I might find it too judgemental and restrictive. You can never tell until you're there.

So for now Auri's reinforcing things she knows while practicing her drawing and story crafting skills. And the little ones are eating it up.:o)

Tyler Occupies the Littles.

I asked Tyler to take Ronan and Kiska for an outdoor adventure so that Auri could have some peace while we began learning what multiplication meant. 

I saw them whizz by on the bike on their way to the track. All three of them on Tyler's bike. Kissy was wearing my 'muddy boots' and hanging on for dear life on the back. Ronan was wearing Kissy's 'muddy boots' and hanging on for dear life on the front. Tyler was struggling to pump the pedals and control the handle bars with his 'burdens'.  
I said nothing, except for a little prayer that there would be no broken bones or stitches, took the picture then got on with our lesson.

They made it back in one piece, with the children in high spirits over the specialness of Tyler being in charge. 
Ruddy cheeks, shining eyes, big smiles. 
The marks of outdoor pleasure.

Kissy's two best friends.

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