Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January School Days

Very Proud of Our Flowers!

We had so much fun with the paperwhite project. It was exciting to watch the pods swell  and then burst forth with flowers. All of the children decided that growing flowers inside is something that we need to do a lot more of. It really does give you a wonderful opportunity to witness the hourly changes. 

At one point they were measuring how quickly one pot was growing vs. the other and tried to figure out why. 

Their findings were inconclusive. :o) 
I enjoyed the discussion and found their deductive reasoning skills to have grown since the last time I saw them in action.
I love the small hints of progress.

Auri's Classroom

Auriana often holds school sessions in her room for the babies. I find this to be a lovely way to "assess" what she's learned. 
Much more informative than any test I could give her.:o)

(I also have to add that I find it nothing short of AMAZING that she can keep the hooligans attention for the amount of time it takes her to tell a story. The littles love their special time with Auri.)
Acting out the Story that Auri told

Then she always invites them closer to become a part of the retelling. When I watch Auri interacting with her little brother and sister I can see what a great mom she's going to be.  I am so happy that all this hands on experience will be something she can rely on as she builds her own family.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to have children and just KNOW what to do with them without having to read a zillion books on the subject? 

KNOW how to homeschool without having to constantly research and research your techniques as you struggle to bring a living education to your child?

KNOW how to knit without having to find the videos on YouTube?

KNOW how to draw without having to reference a book? 

KNOW how important warmth is?

KNOW that less can be so much more?

These are the important lessons. The history may one day be forgotten. Much of the math may never be used. Sentences can be built without knowing the differences between noun and verb. 
But the meals that they will cook each day, the children they nurture, the LIFE they will build....These are the skills that are so important that they CAN NOT be placed to the side.

They must be the CORE subjects. 

If culture is to grow then LIFE must cease being an extra curricular. 
LOVE must be so important that nothing else is allowed to take its place.
CURIOSITY must be nurtured.
DILIGENCE must be addressed.
CREATIVITY must be focused on. 

I'm glad that we have the freedom to keep these front and center.
Sometimes our Classes look like this...

Sometimes like this....
Kissy loves music any way she can get it.:o)

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