Thursday, February 3, 2011

Auri's Sweater Vest

Auri's Sweater. 
You know, the sweater that I was supposed to make for her for Christmas? 
Yep. Just now getting started.

This is more purple in real life.

I fell into a knitting and dyeing lull after Kissy's sweater. I think I caught more of the Christmas crazy than I wanted to. It was still more peaceful than previous years so we're continuing to make progress.
It's all about the striving.
This is not quite so neon blue.:o)

I skeined and dyed up a big batch of wool and had it waiting on the washer to take pictures of before I took it to town to the store....then the kids saw it.
The hooligans fell on it instantly ooohhhing and aahhhing. Then debating which ones they wanted and what they were going to make out of it.
I tried to put a stop to it with a firm, "This is going to the store, guys. It's for sale, not for fun."

To which they replied, " We have money!! How much?!"

What could I do? 

So after charging them all the market would bear. 
I mean, charging them a reasonable fee. ;o) 

Auri asked me if I would take some of her yarn and make her a sweater like Kiska's out of it.
This is now my current project. And I know she will love it. I'm just hoping that it turns out as lovely as it can.
I love the contrast, I just wish I felt more confident about how to stripe it.:s


umbrellalady said...

Your yarn is so is your heart to recognize that your children are so important!

Wendi said...

Thank you! You always say the nicest things, and make me feel so good.:o)