Saturday, February 12, 2011

Collective Valentines

Alley Cat Created Valentines

 Julie provided all sorts of amazing raw materials and we all had lots of fun. I can't believe some of the things I saw created today. What a talented bunch!

I didn't get many pictures. It was a crazy busy day and I got lots of talking done.;o) 

These top three pics are all Michelle's.
 Whose name I hope I got right.;o) If I didn't then just hollar at me, Lady.

Great Work. So delicate, with an Industrial Vibe.

When Posey's Mama started cranking these out I wanted to faint.
I've been meaning to make a mobile for the living room out of these for ever.
These are Auri's that she gave to Julie.
Auri loves Julie, and she loves the opportunities that the Alley Cat provides.

Thanks Ladies for such a wonderful day of chatting and Crafting.:o)
You guys Rock!


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