Thursday, November 4, 2010

Handwork Monday III

Squeezing out the last bits of water.

This is another set of wool from my handwork class. The girls worked pretty independently and came up with some lovely colors to share. Some of them even took careful notes. 
I was highly impressed.

We've all caught the handwork bug now that cooler weather has set in. Auri has started a birthday project for a friend, Tyler is working on a hat for himself, and I am working on....well....nothing. I want a project. I have several things I'd like to get to work on. But I haven't managed it yet. I'm hoping that after I recover from recovering our home and rhythm after almost a month of sickly household I'll get going on something.

The weather changes have brought home the time of year. I love how everything feels exciting once Halloween is over. The tone of life seems different. The Holidays are just around the corner and home life gets it's focus.

I hope your Handmade Holiday is a bit farther along than mine is. We still have to finish up our Lantern Walk plans too. Ack. Time is running away from me.

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Tan Family said...

Handwork when the weather turns cooler is so fulfilling. There is just something about working with wool that makes us feel warm! The dyed yarn are really beautiful. :)