Saturday, July 10, 2010

My mind at work.....

I wonder if we're outside enough. 
I wonder if our rhythm is enough. 

Where should I change it? 
Should I look into a cover for out doors? 
Should I purchase misters for the carport.
We hang out under the carport too much when it's hot. Maybe I should trim some of the larger trees so that we can play under there.

What if there are bugs? Oh yeah, we like bugs. Well, we like most bugs.

What if there are snakes? I don't like snakes.
Duh, Wendi, it's not like the snakes are looking to eat the children.

Well, yeah, but there are other things that might want to. Like stray dogs, what if a stray dog comes up and eats my child. 
Okay, so that's unlikely.

Should I get a swing? Should I make a swing? I wonder if there are any tires running around. 

What about a sandbox? I had planned on a sandbox this summer and then decided against it because of the ant issue. Until I resolve the ant issue I hate to get a sandbox. 
But we sure would use a sandbox.

We haven't been reading much. Well, the little kids anyways. Not much story telling going on. But lots of whole family plays. ...those are good. And independent. 

And funny.

Really funny. I wish I could figure out youtube.

Will I ever finish this spinning project? I need to get Tyler on the wheel. Don't forget to get more yarn for the kids to start their stockings. 

I wonder if I'll manage to get my christmas list done this year. 

I should have started last January.

The turtles haven't been around lately. I miss them.

Not their eating my garden..but I liked watching them catch bugs. They are SO much faster than I thought. 

They kind of creep me out. 

It's sad that I now know that turtles are vicious creatures, bent on chasing me down and eating my toes. 

Turtles could eat my children. 

I wonder how hard it would be to make dock for our pond so we could float our boats easier. 

The edge is usually muddy. 

I wish I weren't so tired. 

How can we make these chores work out better. 
I wonder if there are other 11 year olds who need a step by step for dishwashing.

Oh, handwork. Yikes, okay....where's my list? Did I make a list? Why haven't I made a list yet? Where's the paper? Oh, and here's a pencil so first we'll make barbie aprons......

I wonder if the barbies were a good idea. I like the clothes, I think it was a good compromise...but is it leading us to a place I don't want to go? Why does my daughter know who Taylor Swift is? And why does Taylor Swift have a barbie? Or is a barbie..whatever.

They play with the handmade dolls more anyways. Hmmm, should we revamp the doll house again? I know the girls like playing with miniatures. Maybe I should show them some of the things they could make for the fairy houses. 

Auri liked making the fairy houses. Why haven't we made fairy houses in a long time? 

I should have told them about how the mushrooms showing up meant the fairy's were dancing there. 

Figures, I ooh and aww over them for 5 minutes and don't manage to tell a story. I've got to get my head straight....sheesh. 

Actually, I suppose the Charlotte Mason thing would have had us looking up and classifying them. Have I set myself up with too much conflict by going with a CM curriculum for next year? Will I wind up doing twice the planning?

What if I just use the books, but spin it my own way. But I did choose the CM so that I would have less stress over planning. 

Ronan likes rocks. We should gather some. 

I wonder if we can find the branches I want to use for the super cool cookie tree that Teacher Tom made. How would leaving baskets outside here work?

How much should I try to turn my home into a classroom that tries to model after a home? How much should I try to turn my outdoors into an outdoor play area? 

Is there a balance? There has to be.

I have got to just PICK SOMETHING and stay the course.
That's what I'll do. 
If I can figure out what course I want to take.

All I know is that I have to get some big tree stumps. 

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Anonymous said...

Stream of consciousness...that's the way to go!

Want some advice from a former teacher? Use the book, but put your own spin on it! Make it fun, but then, you already do that. :)

Your kids are so lucky!