Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have no focus.:o)
Okay, that's not true.
But this summer is so very full of doing that it feels like I'm everywhere at once. I think that all of this rain we've had is what is making me realize it. A hint of the winter introspection that is missing in the summer. 
And that's fine, summer is meant to be loud and joyful. Busy with family picnics, swimming, fishing, camping, building, running, jumping, and yelling. 
I think we've not had enough down time in our rhythm. We've still napped and had quiet times, but the meals have a different feel. Bedtimes are a bit of a scramble. It's hard, because I want us to soak up every last bit of light each day. I know the inside days will come and I look forward to the festivals, the handwork, the baking.....especially the baking.:o) But these easy outdoor times are precious too and we love the sunshine.
I'm going to focus on really building our summer rhythm. I've waited too long. I know that planning is the key to everything we do. I don't know why I let it fall aside sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Making the most out of everything is something you have been blessed with the ability to do.