Monday, July 12, 2010


Summer Sunset

I spent some time yesterday afternoon and evening examining what I need to change and I made some interesting discoveries.

I have not been spending enough time outside. 
(The kids do, but I have a tendency to research things for later. I need to get out.)

I have not been active enough with our household chores.  
(I've been working with the kids to learn how to do the things they need to do. They are really bad about just leaving things everywhere...all the time. But it's running me crazy to instruct and watch. I need to get in and apply my will to some of the cleaning projects.)

I am addicted to the computer. Over the past couple of weeks I have spent a truly ridiculous amount of time on here.
(From now on I'm only going to hit the net after the kids are in bed.)

I have been COMPLETELY neglecting my inner work. 
(It seems that since the children aren't 'schooling' right now I let myself 'rest'. It hasn't been working out.)

Longevity is something that was brought up on the homeschoolingwaldorf group. (I love that group for it's open heart and amazingly practical advice. ) I had never thought about longevity in quite this way. I'm enjoying this article. 

I think I have found a number of things to work on this week. I'm going to reboot our family rhythms, and my inner work rhythms.

So we are going on vacation. Where no sunset is missed, every child's laugh is honoured and shared, and the soul is reminded of why I love this life.:o)

Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Sounds really good to me.

momma rae said...

your post really speaks to me as i have been having many of the same thoughts about myself lately. this is not how i envisioned our summer! in fact, in order to get on here this morning, i set the timer for 20 mins so that i could check e-mail and quickly do a couple of things for school. and look where i am! ;)

back to work. thanks for your comment about the jam. we have a wee bit of berries left, maybe i will give it a go!

Cadi said...

You've got the babyname thing right on.
Nuriel. Yup.
Send me your address so I can get a lil' treat to you!
chocolatelilies at the gmail dotttttt commmmm. Thanks!

Cadi said...

I'd love to send you that tiny treat. I was telling momma rae earlier that it's teeny tiny, BUT it's the kind of thing you get in the mail, then you lock yourself in the bathroom & gobble it down while the kids bang on the door... :-) A glimpse of sanity. ;-)