Saturday, July 10, 2010


Our Beloved Chess Board in Action.

We are FAR from chess masters, but this is the most common game in the house. I would say that we have at least 20 games a week.....often more. Ronan LOVES the chess set. 

He knows that the pawns go on the front line and the king and queen go in the middle of the back but the rest of his setup is open to imagination.:o) 

He knows that the pieces "battle" but he's not all that sure of how each piece is supposed to move. Since he's only four I only request that he play the pieces "properly" with me. The big kids try a little too hard to get him to have some kind of strategy. That wasn't working 

So with them, he just plays.
It's kind of a modified checkers....sort of...and he doesn't use the pieces properly.  But he has a lot of fun.

Auri has learned to join in the spirit of the game.

Because when Ronan "does battle"......

It's ALWAYS exciting!

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