Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Random Bits

One of many Amazing Sunsets 

One of the things I've always loved about living in this part of the world is the sunsets I'm allowed to see. The sun's brilliance is replaced by soft soothing colors as we transition into the thick darkness of night. Heat is replaced by blessed cool as the earth's blanket descends to tuck this side of the world in to sleep. 

It's about sharing.
It's about balance. 
It's about all that has been beautiful throughout the day, and an incentive to try and make tomorrow better.

I like that I can look at a picture I've taken of a sunset and know what time of year it was by the position of the sun.  This one was taken last October or November.  When it gets this close to Summer Solstice the sun sets to the far right of the house that is in the far right of this picture.

I love that I can know that. 
I love that I have taken the sun's positions into my soul and that it manifests in this connection I have with the seasons.  

I also love that I'm still learning. 
I enjoy that I can forget the simple things.  

That may seem like a weird thing to enjoy, especially when you focus your life around the "simple things". 

Forgetting lets me experience Wonder in a different way. More personally, maybe. I always strive to keep Delight at the forefront of my life. Awe is another quality that I consider important. I hope that those are things that I can pass onto my children as I journey with them through their childhoods.

There is a quality to wonder, delight, and awe that I sometimes find hard to capture. Often my wonder and awe are imbued with Reverence that I find hard to shake. It lends a different feeling to the delight. Wonderful, amazing, something I want to have in every bit of my day......but different than that feeling of First that childhood brings to every new Discovery.

When I rediscover something it pulls me back to that purity of emotion that children have every moment of every day.
That is what I want to capture, what I wish I could bottle, what I strive for each day.

The edge of childhood beckons me today with the memory of beauty

The sunset pictures I have taken remind me that in the moment is the only way to experience the perfection that nature gives us.

 It also reminds me how hard it is to learn anything when you try to teach without using experiences. You can look at that picture as long as you want. You can look at a thousand pictures of sunsets that are far more awesome than anything I have ever captured on a camera. 
But none of them will give you the same gift that watching the sun go down will.

I wish for each of us to experience:


and try to recapture with me the essence of:

First Discoveries and Childhood.

Good Luck!


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renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

So beautiful, such a wonderful wish. I love that childhood feeling, I still get it sometimes, probably more when I am outdoors than at any other time, and I am so grateful for it!