Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Remember the Tire Swing?

The Image of Summer. 
We always had these around when I was a kid. This one is at my Gran's house....Actually, I think all the ones I played on were at my Gran's house too.:o)
Granny LOVES to watch the children play. This tire is placed in a RedBud tree that is outside the large window where we sit and watch the birds and kids. Not that they are ever in the same space at the same time, but there is always something interesting going on out there.  I love the child watching and bird watching that happens at my Gran's. A cup of coffee, a cushioned seat, and the troubles of the world disappear. Even if the conversation centers around the troubles of the world.:o)

Something about a child's smile, a bird bathing, or a hummingbird feasting.
Kissy makes a beeline for this swing. It's her favorite place. I've seen her sit there for long moments. (She's two. 5 minutes is like fifty years for a two year old.) And she usually only leaves it to find a new treasure to hold in her grubby little hand.
I get caught up sometimes in the Waldorf materialism. Okay, I get caught up in it a lot. I just love the beauty. I want all of the amazing things for my children that I can find. 
I spend a lot of time reminding myself that less is more. That striving for the simple life shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. That I CAN have some things that aren't wooden and "beautiful". 
It's really about the inner beauty that shines from my children. Not the things that surround them.
I would love to make them a maple swing seat with lovingly carved or burnt designs to hang with ropes from one of our trees.
And I might, one day.....
But this tire's second life has a place for us too. 

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