Monday, May 3, 2010


The Clothes Slinger

All of my children have daily chores. I believe that it helps them prepare for their futures just as much as their schoolbooks do. Not to mention that it just makes caring for our home easier if everyone is involved.

Ronan is the Keeper of the Laundry. He is responsible for loading up the washer, transfering to the dryer, and then unloading into a basket. Sometimes he helps sort, but those are his main jobs. Later, he and Kiska carry the folded laundry to their respective rooms for the older children to put away.

It's a fast paced job. It suits his bouncy personality.

Checking for hidden items.

He's very thorough. He's the child that you only have to remind once or twice before it becomes part of who he is.

My "little" Super Hero, Keeper of the Laundry.

This is what Ronan does when he gets finished with his work. He will find me and show me how strong he is. I love his face when he does. Always so proud.

The Usurper.

You have no idea how much chaos can be created when someone other than Ronan does his job. Kissy is desperate to be responsible for the laundry. She can hear it beep from 300 yards away, and she always comes running.

So far I haven't found a job that is as much fun for her as the laundry, but I keep trying. Maybe we'll have chickens again one day and she can be the "Chicken Chaser".

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