Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Art

My rushed St. Nick

I was trying to get something up so that I could celebrate St. Nick's Day before I left for the weekend. The celebration didn't happen, and St. Nick didn't turn out like I wanted. I thought about erasing him and starting over with an actual picture to copy from instead of a vauge image in my head. But then life Oh well, he spurred Auri into a christmas drawing fervor.

Auriana's Santa and Sleigh

Auri did several drawings that day. This was the only one I could find, I don't know what she did with the others over the weekend. I will say that one of the drawings she did from the chalkboard inspiration was really suprising. It was great! Different, and really cute. I looked everywhere for it, maybe it will turn up later.

Quick Demonstration of how I'd draw a sleigh.

She comes to me a lot and asks how to draw things. Since I really don't know usually we work out something together. I think this helps me more than it helps her, but at least that it shows the children that they can figure out how to do anything if they just try. Sometimes we just have to try again and

Reindeer example

I know it's hard to see, but it got her going.

Tyler's Zarathustra

I'm still finding it frustrating because I feel like he could do so much better than he is. I can see so much promise and it just seems like he's not trying. I can't decide what action to take. Should I push him? Should I be happy that he's doing it at all considering the struggles we've had over school work? I'm still kinda at a wait and see.

Got my Christmas Crafts book in!! I'm so excited to tackle the neat little star candle holder. I've wanted to make one for the longest time but couldn't find the instructions. Maybe I'll have some pretties to post here soon. Or I'll post the horrible mistakes we make with

Either way, I've rebooted.

Life goes on.

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