Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Boy

The Successful Worm Hunt.

I have no new pictures right now because one of the littles managed to chew on the memory card. Only in my house.
Not the dog, not the cat, not mice or termites,
the children are the ones who gnaw on things and render them unusable.:o)

This is Tyler.

My oldest son, Tyler, is rarely photographed. He doesn't play with the little guys the same way Auriana does. He's just not in on a lot of activities that make cute pictures. He's the kid that would sit inside and play on the computer or watch tv all day if I let him. When there isn't something really cool going on then he's usually holed up with a book, or sleeping.

Yeah, and he's only 11...I shudder to imagine the "slothful" teen

But if there is an emergency or anything that has to do with "man stuff" then he is amazing. He gives me his arm and escorts me places when we go somewhere. He opens doors and watches out for us when we are in town. He always places himself on the outside when we walk on a sidewalk or in a parking lot. I appreciate him so much for that. I appreciate his dad for doing those things. I know that Tyler learned those things from him.

He really revels in the protector role. I try to make sure that he gets the chance to practice those skills for when he is grown and has a family of his own. It's hard sometimes. Just like it's easier to pick up a two year olds toys for them it is often easier to pay for things or deal with a situation in my own way. Not better, just easier.

We've had a bit of trouble with dogs eating our sheep. We lost one Romney/Merino ewe, and my remaining Austrailian Merino was hurt. We expect her to recover, but she requires quite a bit of care. We don't have a totally secure pen for them, obviously, so we are keeping a close eye on them. This is where Tyler comes in.

He's running me crazy, of course, with all of his plans for taking care of the problem. He wants to sit up all night with a gun to watch for problems. He doesn't care that it's 3 degrees right now. He thinks we should set up a complicated booby trap system. Or at least a tin can alert. His plans are mostly impractical. The ones that would be fine I'm not comfortable with. Letting go of my image of him as a little boy is very hard. I don't want to crush his growing and amazingly appropriate masculinity.

It's a strange line.

He has taken charge of the animal's care. He's spent yesterday and today checking on food and water. Breaking ice. Getting a head count and looking out for dogs. We know they'll be back for the rest. He came in a bit ago to remind me that Persephone's antibiotic shot is due in a little while and to tell me that he'll give it to her.

My first reaction was, "What?! No way, dude! I'll handle the syringes around here!" I'm thrilled that I've learned enough control to not have that come out of my mouth.:o) There is no reason that he can't do it. He's awesome. He's capable.

He's growing up.

I don't think I'm ready.

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