Thursday, November 19, 2009

MLB's and WIP's

Tyler's Prince Siddhartha

I am both frustrated and proud of him for this drawing. I'm proud because he did a good job. He listened to my advice as I drew the example and then was able to put it into practice once he was left alone. That's a big improvement for him. I still find myself frustrated with his work because I can see that if he would have taken just a few more moments it would have amazing. I keep wondering if the patience will come on it's own or if I'm missing something with will training. 

Tyler's Lantern Walk     

Auriana's Lantern Walk

I have been getting the same feeling from Auri's work lately. That's it's rushed and "get it done". I think I need to focus on one on one time again when we do our main lesson book work. They seem to pay a lot more attention to detail when we work at the same time. I'm going to have to look a little closer and work harder at getting our rhythm back.

Auri's Tower of Babel

I've been having a hard time focusing on my work too. I don't know if it's because the holidays are close and so we have a bit of the holiday mood that's keeping us off track or if I just need a kick start.

Tomten Progress

The main color of the jacket is the light pink and orange found at the very bottom. The dark pink is the end of the wide stripe that I'm placing at the bottom of the jacket. It will repeat around the sleeves.  I hope it's as beautiful as I want it to be for her. She really loves the things I make for her.

Sometimes the expectations are hard to live up to.:o)


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