Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Home Thoughts

Our Front Porch

We are scrambling around trying to get things in order for the holidays. The children know how I like to reorganize everything for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Part of the fun of winter has always been that we have a different home for a while. It was always the cozy candles in the living room that glowed gently as we read or sang as I brushed hair and we prepared for bed that made some of the magic. The warmth of baths were still lingering in their minds as they wound down from our always busy days to settle in peaceful slumber.

I love the word slumber. It implies so many things.

Warmth. Security. Rightness. Belonging.


Outside decorations were always important. We loved how each little item would greet us as we walked up to our door. Each step a noticable transition between the outside world and our sanctuary that was Home
It is interesting how different people are. How the things that are important change with each new person and family. I think it can be hard keep Family the focus in the blasting commercialism that this coming season brings with it.  It's often hard to combat my own peculiar brand of commercialism. I know that it isn't the trappings that make a home. I know that it isn't things that make a family. But I find myself wanting to buy things that I think will help us attain the perfect life I envision for my children.

I'm always having to relearn that it isn't the getting that I love, it's the giving.

Our latest read

There was a wee house in the heather-
'Twas a bit o' a but and a ben-
And in it there lived all together
Lachie MacLachlan
And his good wife,
And his bairns to the nuber of ten.

"There's a fire on the hearthstone to warm me,
And a porridge to spare in the pot,"
Said Lachie. "The weather is stormy,
So me and my wife
And our ten bairns,
Will be sharing whatever we've got."

I am loving this story! It so much fun, and the cadence is wonderful! It was easy to memorize, it has the music in the back to put it to music and I found it easy to adapt the rhythm to the flute.

It is also perfect for these days when I think everyone could share a little more of what they have. I like how it flows very naturally from  the Martinmas stories and into the Thanksgiving ones. What a wonderful time of year!

Our Bird Feeder

Ronan came down from Gran's one day with this feeder all filled up to the top with seed. He hoisted it up high in his arms and said, "Look what I did! I made this for you! Now you can smile when you watch the birds at my house!"
He was so proud. I love that he likes to see me smile since watching him smile is one of my favorite things.

Maybe I am managing to pass on more to my children than the inability to put their dirty clothes in a hamper.;o)

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Tim said...

I really like those special moments. Like the one you must have shared with Ronan over him making you smile. It's so cool to feel those feelings, and recognize them as they are happening. It's actually one of my favorite things in the world ... I'm just horrible at articulating it.