Saturday, November 21, 2009


An unexpected find at the local library

I just happened to spot this book on my way out of our small town library. When I say small, I mean small. The library doesn't seem like it would have much that I'm looking for. I've been pleasantly suprised lately. The closer I look, the more I find that I like.

This book has almost every story that I need for Tyler this year. It seems the universe has responded to my plea for more resources for him.

I handed it to him last night and asked him to familiarize himself with the story of Gilgamesh. He came in about an hour later and handed me his lesson book to review.

Gilgamesh retrieving the plant of immortality at the bottom of the sea.

"When Gilgamesh had successfully gathered the Plant of Life, he started home. But he was very hungry and thirsty. He came to a well with clean water and drank. But then he fell asleep and a snake came and ate the plant and became immortal instead. This is why snakes shed their skin and live again. Gilgamesh returned home and when he saw the walls he had his people build he was happy. He said, "Any man who has built such glory will be remembered forever. I am an immortal". And he lived like a god for the rest of his life."

That was the narration and drawing that he came up with all by himself. I think he did a pretty good job, and I'll admit that I was shocked as could be that he branch out on his own like that. I'm so happy for him.

I'm glad that he had the confidence to work this out on his own. I think that I'm going to continue with drawing lessons that are unrelated to our lesson book work and let him come up with his own work for his book. I can see how he attempted to use the things he has learned this year.

He's becoming pretty darn creative for such a "non-artistic" person.:o)

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