Monday, November 16, 2009

Herbs, Drama, and Wool

Calendula Oil Makings

I'm working on some goodies for my lil sister. I knew she had eczema, I just didn't realize it was as severe as it is until I saw her hands the other day. I'm hoping that we can figure out a way to help them heal. This first trial is olive oil using a warm infusion method. I'm tossing a few drops of lavender oil in for soothing scent and antiseptic properties. The jar is the cold infusion trial. It will take a couple of weeks, and then I will use half of it as oil and the other half for a salve with beeswax. I've read a lot about apple cider vinegar for eczema treatment and a lot of folks seem to like it. I don't know if she'll use it though because I'm told it stings at first.:o) I guess we'll have to see.

Auriana and Gran at Auri's Play

Tyler and Auriana participated in a Homeschool Production class this semester that culminated in a wonderful performance of The Prince and The Pauper. Tyler came down with a fever the night before so he wasn't able to perform. The family went to watch Auriana in her very first formal dramatic presentation. She was AMAZING! I loved watching her and I could tell that drama is in her blood. We will join the Oklahoma City Children's Theater Homeschool class in the spring and Tyler will get his chance then.

So much fun!

I am still knitting for my Christmas list as quickly as I can. I have at least two Tomten jackets to complete, although I may have to modify that given how long it's taking. I've been on this one for three days I think and I'm not even a fourth of the way through. Auri may be the only one to get a jacket on Christmas morning. I've got mittens and socks on my list for everyone and I'm hoping they will knit up a little faster.:o) I can't wait to see where I sit with it on Wednesday.

Tomten Jacket Progress

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