Thursday, October 15, 2009

WIP "Wednesday"

The progress

It is taking me forever to finish this hat and I'm not sure why. I get frustrated with knitting at night because I'm often so tired my fingers don't want to work properly. I finally gave up on being frustrated at the pace yesterday. I decided that I would just knit a row when I had a chance and not try to "finish" it every time I picked it up.

So far that's been a great strategy. If I stick with that I think I will finish it before this week is up.

Our first try at Kool Aid dyeing our cotton handwork bags

The children wanted their handwork bags to be rainbow like the ones we saw here. Colour Bazaar does some lovely work. We didn't know that Kool Aid wouldn't take to cotton the same way it does to wool. I kept the pink and orange bags for myself and we decided today that we are going to try food coloring this Friday on our handwork day. I hope it works.

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