Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Spinning Beginnings

Auriana's Blue Flute Case and My Rainbow One.

These flute cases were our first handspun projects. Auriana shopped on Etsy with me until we found her this roving.

Mustkeepknitting's TidalWave Superwash Merino

Then she began to spin it using a drop spindle from ford4him.

The Sweet Lu

Tyler followed the same process, only he chose roving in his favorite color of deep purple.

Tyler working with his roving from The Flying Ewe.

We only bought 2oz at the time because we didn't realize that it wasn't enough to make a flute case. We've learned a lot in the last year. He has a new batch of roving that he's working with on his handwork days. He's begging to use the big spinning wheel, I think he could do it but I find that I'm nervous to sit him down at it. Maybe next year.

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M said...

Hey there! I just saw this link on our list. Fun spinning! Blessings! Melisa Nielsen