Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homeschool Notes

Auriana's  Autumn Lesson Book Page

We were really busy for our first homeschool month, and I'm thrilled at how things are going. We've never done the lesson booking that is typical with Waldorf Ed. We've always meant to do it, or "tried" to do it but it just never came together. I can see how wonderful it is. We have a lot of fun, and the children are actually using their art skills that we're learning together with some great effects. I have found both of them drawing, playing their flutes, and telling each other stories without any direction from me. That is really surprising especially with Tyler. It seems that he is gaining a lot of confidence from our lessons. It's awesome to see him branch out and do things without an argument. I haven't decided yet if it's the curriculum meeting him where he's at or if it's just another phase. I really don't care though, as long as things are working.

Auriana's Autumn Tree Painting

Once again her's came out the best.:o) Wet on Wet painting really takes a lot more technique to have things turn out nicely than you'd think. At least, than I thought. It's really interesting though, and we all seem to be getting better. She has a leg up on me and Tyler because she's one of the lucky naturally artistic ones. But I think that will continued training and practice Ty and I will get it figured out.

One of Tyler's African Tale Drawings

He did such a good job with these. For a kid who "hates" to draw he really made a complete and interesting illustration of a neat story. He also really enjoyed the tales. I love it when I can get them on the edge of their seat or laughing like crazy. That interest that sits in their eyes as they wait to see what happens next is awesome. I'm so happy I can give them this gift.

Now we are working on a lot of things that are completely outside of my knowledge base. I wish that I had prepared a lot more before the school year started. I kind of feel like I'm playing catch up, which I am. I'm not minding though because we had such a rough year before this one that I'm pleased that we've worked around to a good spot.

Tyler is joining a book club next week. They are reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. He's 120 pages behind, which wouldn't be a huge deal for him to catch up usually. About four hours or so worth of reading for him if it's interesting. So no biggie by Thursday. Until we throw in everything else he needs to get done, and the two books he wanted to finish up before he moved He's been reading a lot in the last month. Mostly imposed by me, but he hasn't minded it at all. Lately he's even been asking me for my opinion on which book he should start next. I like that he's trusting my taste in books enough to give the things I think he should read a try. He was very difficult about it before.

I really wish I could find more time for Auri's books. We have several new sets for her that are just waiting for her once she begins reading. But it's been hard to find enough quiet time to sit and work with anything. I can tell from the things she says and the things she can read that she's on that cusp that Tyler sat at for almost a year. Where she probably could read it all if she wasn't scared of screwing up, but her fear almost paralyzes her mind or something. I don't know. I'm not worried about it. I just know how much she is going to enjoy those books once she can read them and so I'm anxious to start. I'm trying to keep repeating that there is a perfect time for everything and now is just not her time. But it's hard to remember.

I'm glad that I've been doing this long enough now to feel more confident in what I'm doing. I still have issues of course. Concerns that we're not doing enough. Concerns about a child who doesn't seem to get it. But I also have enough experience now to realize that it will be okay. I guess that a better way to put it would be that I used to hope the methods that I felt were best were the right ones for my kids, but now I know they are.

And I have high hopes for our future adventures.

Auri and one of the many buggies she enjoys finding

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