Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Slice of Heaven

The view from the window over the sink at the Farm.

We had to run out there today to pick up our winter coats and check on the place. It made me even more homesick than I was. I found this picture today as I was looking for pics to send to family. Every evening is a new painting for us. The sun sets and the sky blazes until it quiets into pinks and purples before night is allowed to come. It's amazing there.

The night sky is its own wonder. The lack of light pollution provides a clarity that is usually found only in a planetarium. But I get to experience the wonderous natural star show in the way it was originally intended it be enjoyed.

I will pack these homesick feelings away in a day or two. I've had a lot of experience doing that in my lifetime. This isn't so different. I also have only ten months until I get to go home forever.

Then I will revel in that first year of marking the seasons. I will learn the way the sky looks in November, and note how it has changed come January. I know from the 6 months we were able to stay there that the moon will rise and say hello in a different way each night. I know that with each Full Moon I will greet her in another place as I look out at night. Something I've always known that just becomes a part of life out there. I can feel why each moon had a different name. I will become one with the elements  and the changes that we go through each year. The fierce wind of Winter, the heatwaves of Summer, the gentle kiss of Spring, and the sweet, sweet warmth of Autumn. Soon, the skies will be a comfortable friend and I will anticipate the yellow brush of October the same way I begin to look for the daffodils in March.

Being "stuck" in one place is something that I have avoided much of my life.

But right now, I can't wait.

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