Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn Days

Picture of the Autumn mantle that Daylee took

With each season I set up a display on our mantle. All the toys can be taken down to be played with by the older children, but Kiska still puts things in her mouth so we have to keep everything up high. We've tried the traditional nature table several different times we just don't seem to be able to capture the reverence of it. I've never had one that stayed put together if the little ones had access to it.

Our good cameras are broken, so although we've been doing lots of fun things we have had no pictures to post here. I hope that I can get some good ones when we visit the pumpkin patch.

Halloween preps are going good, I just have to finish Ronan's hat for his Max costume and then wait for the tail to come in the mail. I took a low sew approach this year to keep my halloween stress down. I had thought we did a good job of editing our activities for this season. Since it seems like I still spend a lot of our time going I'm glad I made that decision.

We're still managing to enjoy each other and the school year, as long as we're doing that I consider us a success.

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