Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Beginning

Ronan's Gnome Hat

Pattern purchased here.

I am so proud of myself. This is my second "big" knitting project. I made several mistakes, but they were all ones I learned from. I think the next hats will be much easier. I discovered that I can join for knitting in the round and not leave a huge gap. Thanks to the ladies at The Gourmet Yarn Company who gave me some tips and tricks for that. I can't wait to go back there next week to get my hands on some more yummy Malabrigo.

I will be forever grateful to Waldorf Mama for her amazing and inspiring blog. Her beautiful posts are what have driven me to create more beauty for my children. I am not a naturally creative person. This causes me to rely heavily on the glimpse into other crafters lives as I work on building my skills and creating the surroundings for my little ones to grow and learn.

It is for others out there like myself that I create this blog. I watch and read all of these amazing accounts from people about their lives and I always wonder if they struggle like I do. I'm so incredibly ordinary. I have few natural talents. I have to work and study, and try and fail, and try and fail some more before I can create these things that it seems other's do as easily as they breathe.

But mostly it's for myself. It's like the accountability partner that I don't have. I think the children will benefit from me making sure that I have interesting things to post.:o)

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