Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The last of the winter photos

Scott and Kiska

Scott and I enjoy walking down to the pond every evening to check the water level and have a little time together before we have to get the hooligans fed and put to bed. 

Kiska hijacked our walk the other evening. As I was looking through these picture I realized that they were probably the last of the "barren landscape" photos until next winter. 
Isn't it funny how that happens. Brown and dead one day and bursting with color and life the next?
Gotta love Spring.:o)
This is the other Hooligan who hijacks the walk.
Conner is such a good puppy. He sticks pretty close to me and almost always comes when I call. When we get to the pond he just stands beside me and won't chase the frogs until I sit down and tell him to "go play".

Then he likes to get me muddy.

He runs like a crazy demon dawg back and forth and cuts as close to me as he can to see how much mud he can fling from his paws into my hair. Then he climbs into my lap.

I'm trying to teach him to come and sit by me.
 He thinks I'm trying to teach him to eat my hand.

He likes to gnaw on anything he can. He's at that crazy teething stage. He doesn't hurt, but he still has to learn. 

Shoving him away only works for a second.

Then he either tries to eat my hair or takes off on another of his crazy runs. He's a weird puppy.

He always runs and hides in the tall grass behind me.
 He's just crazy enough to fit in here beautifully.:o)

Thank you Baby for my sweet, weirdo dawgie!

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