Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alley Cat Open Mic

Auriana and her Music Teacher David Thompson

The last Saturday of every month at the Alley Cat Collective is an Open Mic. How does this open mic have the traditional Alley Cat Flair?
It not only takes place from 2-6 in the afternoon, which makes it very accessible to families, but it is also literally open to everyone.
Can't play an instrument? Don't fret, bring your kazoo.
Can't kazoo? Don't fret, bring your pots and pans?
Can't bang on pots and pans? Don't fret, show off your ability to juggle with one hand.:o)

I will admit that the VAST majority of folks who participate in the Open Mic are amazingly talented. (But there's a place for us kazoo players, and the amazingly talented appreciate us just as much because they know how hard it is to get up on stage and do ANYTHING.)
Auriana has been taking piano lessons for almost 3 weeks.:o) David found something that she could do at the open mic and she was AMAZING!! She worked hard on her 20 second piece, she had it down pat, and she got to experience a room full of people clapping just for her.
How supportive of young artists is that?!
This hooligan also made her Debut.:o)
I've never been to an open mic that would take a 3 year old on stage to sing part of a nursery song. I like that we have a place where she can do that.

Kiska knows what it feels like to step onto a stage in front of lots of people she doesn't know. She knows what it feels like to hold a mic in her hand and hear her voice amplified. 

She knows what it feels like to want her mommy to hold her in her lap while she performs because, well, it was just a little bit scarier than she thought it was going to be.

She knows what it feels like to overcome that fear and go on with the show. 
The Sign Up Sheet
Such a great supportive environment. And ALWAYS fun.

The Alley Cat Singers
 Next month I get to join these guys on stage.:o)

What is this?! 
 We'll call it a disappearing act.:o)

Tonight, in Downtown Wichita Falls is the Spring Culture Crawl.
If you're local be sure to come out and travel the streets to hear the amazing bands and check out the local shops. They'll be open till 9!


David said...

this was awesome wendi. i admire your flair for encapsulating things. your explanation of our open mic hit the proverbial nail.
you should get paid for something like that.

Restless Prairie Farm said...

Thank you David!