Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Farm Store Part 1

Concrete is Poured!

 It is amazing how surreal it feels when lifelong dreams start to come true.

I discovered Waldorf Education back in 2001 and immediately fell in love with the philosophy, the warmth, and the lovely toys. Back then there were no internet stores that you could buy Waldorf Inspired toys from. There were a few folks on Ebay selling dolls. Etsy either didn't exist or was in it's infancy and I was desperate to find these lovely natural things to give my children. I was also searching for natural and organic food sources and failing miserably. Farmer's Market's weren't in the news in my area. They weren't even available. No one knew that they should eat locally.

My discovery of natural living and Waldorf Ed happened because of Auriana's reaction to her two month shots. When she got her shots is when my whole world changed. She developed severe asthma. She had violent reactions to anything that had chemicals in it. She couldn't take traditional medicine without an asthma attack. She couldn't go into stores without an attack, because of the chemical cleaners that are used. She couldn't be around plastic of any sort. Including clothes.
These were all things I learned over those terrifying few months from discovery to when I found the ways to control her condition. We made at least one ER visit a week with a blue lipped under 6 month old. She couldn't lay down to sleep, so she slept on my chest while I sat up in an arm chair. It was so, so hard. 

But it got better. We got rid of every thing that was plastic. I learned all about herbal medicine and natural body care. I worked hard to eliminate all the toxic things from our lives that I could find. 
And I learned that it's almost an impossible task in this modern world.

It's been a ten year journey. I've learned what things carry chemicals and what don't. I've learned how to support my children's immune systems. I spend most of my time trying to balance our life between my ideal and what we can afford. 
It's long been my dream to be able to live off of our land. 
To eat only what we grow. 
To have absolute control over the quality of our food.
To have artistic control over the yarn I use.
To teach my children the importance of living this life.

It's a lot harder to live than it sounds. You really have to work at it and be constantly aware. You have to have a strong vision and know how to work toward it.

This Farm Store is a beginning for us, we want to make a place where people can come and experience Farm Life when they pick up their food. We want to have a place where someone can buy a Family milk goat AND learn how easy it is to milk her and make their OWN real food.....right in their back yard.

A place where children can see what Free Range should look like....Where folks can learn about natural farming practices and why you should question every aspect of where your food comes from.....and where family's can come to enjoy a bit of traditional living....and hopefully catch the pioneer spirit.

That's where America needs to head, I think. Back to the Pioneer Attitude. We need to blaze new trails again. We need to grow our own food. Even if it's one tomato plant placed in a flower bed....or a planter of herbs in a window. 

This is today's Revolution.

We deserve healthy chemical free lives. 
Our great grandchildren deserve to inherit a healthy planet and it's going to take all of us to ensure that they have anything left.

I love that we are going to be available to help others on their journey to Real Food.
I love that my children will have a definite hand in the production of what makes it to our table.
I love that they will grow up knowing what it takes to make food happen.
And I especially love that we will be one less factory farm.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Become a part of the Revolution.

That's finally something that I am able to do.

These sweet babies are the Future of our Farm.
And we love them for it.


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renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Wonderful! I agree! I am so happy that you are making your dreams come true! (And I know this is so belated, but I also want to congratulate you on your marriage, your new complete family, somehow I missed that..)
My friends Nigerian Dwarf goat just had her babies a couple days ago, we are going to see them later this week.
Looking forward to seeing your farm stand grow!