Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alley Cat Saturday

Susan's Awesome Progress

Susan is amazing. She reminds me of how I felt when I first started spinning. It's just so amazing that you can take a wad of wool and turn it into yarn.:o)

She walked out of Alley Cat last Saturday with a braid of roving and a drop spindle and walked back in this week with this.
YAY SUSAN!!! Beautiful Work!!

These guys kept the sidewalks busy.

It was another beautiful day, and the children spent most of it drawing on the sidewalks and hoolie hooping. 

Auri was thrilled. She doesn't get to use sidewalk chalk often.
 The downside of living on a dirt road.

 Most of her drawings lately focus on horses and squirrels.:o) 

Picture of concentration.

Daddy asked Kissy to hold his soda so he could "Hoolie Hoop".
Tomorrow I'll show you how well THAT went.
"This one is Defective!"


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