Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Suncatchers

Waiting for the Iron

I was searching on etsy for some Valentine ideas and came across an AMAZING kirigami artist.  I had never heard of kirigami, but I was fascinated by the thought. Who knew that you could take the same process you use to build nifty snowflakes and make something so cool?
Here's how I did it.

Make a Pattern

This step isn't always needed. I didn't use a pattern for the two house cutouts. However, since I had never tried to cut out squirrels before I thought I should have a little help. I believe it would also be possible to trace a more complex design and use an exacto knife to cut out the picture. 

Since I have no exacto knife, or complex designs to print off, I went with what I could figure out.:o)

All cut out.

You'll notice that I didn't follow all of my own markings. I have a tendency to change my mind once I start cutting. Sometimes that works in my favor, sometimes it doesn't. 
Be sure to orient your drawing to favor your skilled hand.
I didn't and had to flip around a bit more.

Opened up and ready to glue

I have found that I need super sharp pointy scissors to get all the little details that I want. The safety scissors just don't work.
So I secretly steal Scott's. Mwaahaaahaa
They work great.

Glue around the edge and place on your backing

I used kite paper, but I would imagine that you could figure out ways to use what you have. Wax paper and crayon shavings, crayon colored white paper, or you could just glue it to some construction paper or cardstock and make a lovely card.

All of those options are in our future. If you come up with some more, please let me know. I'm always up for ideas.

I cut them out and then hit them with the iron on a low setting.

Ironing them took the folding creases out and helped smooth out the glue lines. Ideally it would be nice to place them in a frame, perhaps with the kite paper on both sides. I haven't tried that one yet because I don't have anything here to make a frame with. 

I'm hoping to scrounge some construction paper, card stock, or file folders sometime this week. I want to try layering with different colors. I've seen some neat candle frames that I think would be fun.

Here they are. Brightening our kitchen sink.
The kids really love them and we're happy to be kicking off Valentine's.


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Those are so so pretty!

umbrellalady said...

This is a lovely, charming idea - it sure looks great on the window!

Wendi said...

Thank you! We are really loving them.:o)