Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uncovering Culture

What is this?

This is the view we see when we walk by. It's what we see when we give people, or places, the cursory judgemental glance and then move on.

An alley.

Nothing more.
A dead end.

Just an alley.

Is it?

Take a step inside.

A closer look.

Just a moment of your day.

And Find a Door.

That moment you just took?
The step?
It's uncovered a treasure.
A piece that makes this place a bit more interesting.
More novel. Unusual.
An entry into another world you didn't know existed.

It changes your perspective.
Allowing you to  move  forward.
Excited for the next discovery.

Suddenly the light plays in a different way.
It draws attention to things you wouldn't have noticed before you took the step.
Your pace slows.

You just breathe.

And look.

There is Beauty here.

Beauty to be found in a dead end alley.

A Way out? Or a way In?

These moments, these places, these pieces of an alley are found in every town.

They are found in your town.

It doesn't matter where you live. It doesn't matter who you are.

Culture is everywhere.

Take a moment and find it.
And if you think you can't find what you want....
                                            Don't fret. There's a light at the end.

Because YOU are the culture of where you are.

                          So ascend the staircase....Don't worry that it might fall.

Throw open the door........

Take a look down to make sure you're not missing what's right under you...

Uncover the richness that was there all along.

And CREATE your own Culture.
After all, before they could "Keep Austin Weird".....
Someone had to notice that it was.

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