Friday, January 14, 2011

Indoor Gardening


I've never had much luck with indoor plants. I usually forget to water them, or they get too much or too little sunlight. 
And the idea of "forcing bulbs" always sounded so...... well, forceful.

But when I saw these little kits discounted so steeply I decided that we had to try it out. 
The children enjoyed the planting process, but they didn't really get it. I think they were thinking that it was silly to "plant dirty rocks", which is what Kissy called the bulbs. But they have monitored the progress with intense interest. 

I think I have to call this little project a success. 

I like it when my day includes little voices calling out across the house.....
"Mommy, Tyler, Auri, Ronan, hurry hurry! It's GROWING!!!!"

I like that the growing is not just in our plants, but in those children. 
I like the voice of discovery. 
I like the study that's involved. 
I like the fire that it's lighting.
 I like the wondering at how the "dirty rocks" can push out green bits.

And I can't wait for their faces the day it blooms.

I wish I had time today to write a comparison between my children and the flowers. Because I see it. 
I see the ideas and ideals take root, sprout, and then blossom into beauty every day.

And it makes me want to shout.....

"Scott, Mar Mar, Granny, WIDE WORLD, come quick, come quick!!! 

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showard said...

I see what your talking about also.
When I come home from work at the end of the day I see that they have all grown a little.