Sunday, December 12, 2010

Festival of Lessons and Carols

Auriana in her choir robe

This evening Tyler and Auriana performed at our church's Festival of Lessons and Carols. It was a lovely evening, and they both did beautifully. I was especially proud of how they managed to stay still and be interested in all the music. 

Before the service I took all the children outside to get their picture on the front steps. 

(I won't be showing any of the other children because I didn't ask their parents permission.:o) 

Trust me though, they were an angelic group.  

All of them. 
Except maybe one. 

I love Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. I grew up cracking up over the trouble that boy could get into, and his take on it all was Perfect! 

My favorite Calvin and Hobbs strips are the ones where his mother is desperately trying to get Calvin to make at least ONE decent face for their family picture or his school pictures.

 I wonder why?

Love, Laughter, and Little Boy Hijinks,



umbrellalady said...

Classic pictures that surely will be treasured over the years. You've got to love the spirit in him!

Wendi said...

I do love the spirit in him. I can't wait to show these classic pictures to my What a fun day that will be. ;o)